The Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee November 21 2013

For years, coffee has been a mainstay at every place from the breakfast table, to the office break room, and everything in between. And for most people, coffee has been something of a joy - adding in all that sugar, cream, and more, to get out, well, a great and tasty drink that wakes you up in the morning. 

But what if it turns out that coffee is - gasp - healthy for you?! As it turns out, there are plenty of studies backing up the idea and theory that coffee is a great deal healthier than most of us have come to realize over the years, and that it's actually beneficial to drink coffee throughout the day for a variety of health reasons. 

While these studies are by no means the entire story, let's go over just a few of the important studies out there that link coffee and health benefits for you and your body.


Caffeine Gives You Energy 

First and foremost, people often (correctly) attach coffee drinking with caffeine, and thus, energy. And that's true! Caffeine provides a great deal of healthy energy for people, and is one of the most easily digestible and usable forms of energy for the human body on our planet today. Sure, seven cups may make you jittery, but a couple cups spread out over a few hours time provides for you a great deal of natural energy that will leave you feeling healthy, focused, and energized. 


Coffee As A Pain Reliever? 

New studies have recently coming out indicating that the caffeine in general, and coffee specifically, may act as a pain reliever to improve and fight back against pain symptoms and more. For people looking to get their blood moving, and pump up their blood stream naturally, and in a safe way, it turns out that coffee may do just the trick, especially when it comes to increasing circulation and fighting back against chronic pain and stiffness! 


Coffee Enhances Exercise Performance and Consistency 

For many people, as it turns out, coffee enhance both exercise performance and consistency, according to a study from October. Coffee can promote and assist a wide variety of people with their exercise goals when it comes to sensible and consistent consumption of the tasty drink over time, along with other healthy habits and acts ranging from consistent physical activity to healthy nutrition. 


Coffee Has Water... And Water Is Good 

Coffee is made up predominantly of water, and for some people, can be the only water they get all day. While we'd all love to get in the habit of drinking five or ten glasses of pure water each and every day, it just doesn't happen for most people. For that reason, then, it's critical to find other ways to get water - and for many people, that means coffee. This non-traditional method of hydration is increasingly a huge benefit to people seeking to get more water in their daily lives, and improve their health immeasurably thanks to the increased water intake.