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Metropolis Coffee Celebrates 10th Anniversary June 11 2014

Metropolis turns ten! They are celebrating by showcasing new packaging. We are celebrating by giving you 10% off your entire order of Metropolis Coffee. The Chicago roaster makes a great cup of joe and was even voted Best Cup of Coffee in Chicago! Read the entire bio here and pick up a bag today.


metropolis new bag

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Metropolis Coffee, Best Coffee in Chicago, Joins the Emery Coffee Family April 04 2014


As we continue to grow we keep looking for the best and the brightest, the top roasters of today. Metropolis has claimed awards in the past decade unlike few others. What drives them? The Metropolis Philosophy. Read on...

"We believe the essence of coffee comes from tension; tension between the hardness of the bean and the heat of the roaster, between the pressure of water in the machine and the dense pack of the fine grind. Reward is finer when earned, and coffee is sweeter when challenged. This is the core of our coffee philosophy.

A coffee house should be a neighborhood center. It should be equally a place to relax as a place to plan a revolution. The Boston Tea Party, the storming of the Bastille, and the Russian revolution were all planned at coffee houses. A coffee house should be a showcase for artists, a forum for ideas, and a catalyst for conversation. It should be a place to meet and to reflect, to pause before, in the midst, or at the end of the day. Metropolis will truly be a coffee house when you have more to say about what goes on here than we do.

The name Metropolis comes from Plato's notion of Polis, or city-state. A Polis is complete and sufficient unto itself. Community and the regard for differences among people and their ideas are central to our coffee philosophy. Each bean and tea leaf is sourced with two groups of people in mind: the people that taste them, and the farmers that grow them. Coffee, like art, has an aesthetic.

Our coffee aesthetic is rooted in the belief that great coffee comes from a line of respect beginning with the farmers and their respect for their land. We, in turn, respect the farmers by paying fair prices for their harvest, and respect our customers by taking great care in the roasting and brewing our coffees, and in blending our teas. Respect is at the core of our coffee philosophy, and taste is paramount.

Metropolis Cafe

It's a beautiful morning at Granville and Kenmore Avenues in Edgewater, a diverse, vibrant community tucked into Chicago's far north side. As the sun glances off the whitecaps on Lake Michigan, visible just two blocks to the east, folks find their way into Metropolis for a cup of coffee or a mug of tea. Maybe they're grabbing it to go -- the CTA's Red Line, the city's venerable north-south conduit and namesake for our signature espresso, grumbles by a few steps from the cafe's front door. Maybe they're getting a coffee to make it through class; after all, Loyola University is just a few blocks to the north. Or maybe they're staying right here in our vintage 1950s limestone building, which welcomes with tones of yellow and tons of local art, an array of seats that beckon, fresh pastries and sandwiches being prepared behind a big bay window, and an eclectic, observant, hat-savvy staff who know coffee as well as they know their customers."





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