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FedEx Commercial Showing Partnership With Devocion November 10 2015


Video: Ethiopia Has the Best Coffee According to Experts January 29 2015

According to an international panel of experts Ethiopia is home to the world’s best coffee. Ethiopia is, of course, the birthplace of coffee. It also has a combination of perfect soil, perfect altitude, and micro climates that make for an outstanding cup. I am a fan of all African coffees but hold a special place for Ethiopia. Check out our current Ethiopian Coffee selections.



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Video: Inside A Commercial Coffee Roaster December 30 2014

Ever wondered what goes on inside a coffee roaster during the process? For the first time, in the following video you are able to follow the coffee bean from the moment it enters the roaster to the moment it exits. Cool stuff!

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Emery Coffee and Coffee Kids May 23 2014

Emery Coffee is proud to be a supporter of Coffee Kids. By working with organizations already within coffee-farming communites, they are able to give stability and improve the quality of life of those dependent on the volatile coffee market so they are able to focus on their communities' most pressing needs. Here is a video overview of their work and an excerpt from the website below. Join us in improving their lives and providing a better future.



From www.coffeekids.org -

"The projects we support can be categorized into five program areas:


Through effective community organizing, women in rural coffee-growing communities are learning to identify and treat common illnesses with natural medicines. In turn, these women train others about preventive health care, including traditional herbal remedies, and pre- and post-natal care.


Thousands of children have continued their schooling thanks to sustainable education projects. Scholarships for high school, technical and university students help families cover the costs of school supplies, textbooks, tuition and transportation. Education projects also include workshops on youth leadership and environmental and business literacy.


Women in coffee-growing communities throughout Latin America are now running their own small businesses thanks to microcredit projects. By building their personal savings and taking out small, low-interest loans ($50 – 500), these women are able to start or expand their own small businesses, ranging from selling vegetables or tortillas to running a midwifery clinic or a general store.


Through projects such as backyard gardens, worm composting, grocery stores and nutritional education, hundreds of families are able to ensure adequate supplies of fresh, local food. This minimizes the impact of a global rise in food prices and allows families to put food on the table after income from the coffee harvest had dried up.


Coffee Kids projects include a hands-on component that brings technical, monitoring-and-evaluation and administrative training to coffee-growing communities. We support organizational strengthening and community development to ensure the long-term success of our projects. We also help provide skill-building opportunities and the resources to increase yields, improve soils and increase farming expertise."  - www.coffeekids.org

DONATE to Coffee Kids today.

Kickapoo Coffee Roaster Profile on Vimeo May 16 2014

Not familiar with Kickapoo Coffee Roasters? They roast some great coffee up in the Driftless Area in Wisconsin and have the awards to back it up. Check out this quick intro and read the full bio here.

Producer Profile: Kickapoo Coffee from Deann Horack on Vimeo.

Grupo Las Cuchillas and Panther Coffee May 04 2014

A short documentary on Grupo Las Cuchillas, a group of coffee producers in Jinotega, Nicaragua. Grupo Las Cuchillas works very closely with Panther Coffee, coming to Emery Coffee next week!


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