Honduras Beneficio San Vicente October 11 2013

Photo courtesy Victrola Coffee.

In recent years Honduras has made great strides in bringing exceptional coffees to market. Transportation and processing issues, especially drying the parchment coffee have created challenges for a country that has all the right ingredients to produce great coffee. At the center of this shift is the Beneficio San Vicente coffee mill in the Santa Barbara region of western Honduras.

This past year, San Vicente provided producer Denis Teruel with the materials to build a solar dryer on his farm which allows the coffee to be dried much more quickly. The results of this relationship between farm and mill is evident in the cup quality.
Victrola’s Honduras displays impressive balance and sweetness in the cup. Chocolate, dark cherry and subtle orange are present in both the aroma and flavor. Upon cooling the coffee remains luscious, mellowing toward milk chocolate. The mouthfeel is pleasingly smooth throughout. Available online for $16.50 per 12oz package.
Tasting Notes
Fragrance/Aroma: Biscuit, Chocolate, Orange Rind, Cherry Liqueur
Flavor: Milk Chocolate, Candied Date, Dark Cherry, Banana
Body: Silky
Finish: Sweet
Acidity: Balanced, Crisp

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