Passion House Coffee Roasters in Chicago August 07 2015


Passion House is a small batch roaster in Chicago, IL with the idea that coffee can be playful, while still being sophisticated, complex, and nuanced. To make specialty coffee more accessible and approachable to customers, they separate their coffee offerings into three distinct genres: Ambient, Mainstream and Experimental. Creating a common language that goes beyond tasting notes, origins, and farm names.

  • Ambient: These simple beauties allow you to be either fully engaged in its subtle complexity or just gulp it down
  • Mainstream: You don’t need to be embarrassed because you love them, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the balance we expertly craft.
  • Experimental: These coffees push the boundaries of what you know coffee to be.

Finding unique coffee takes their search all over the globe to bring you a quality cup from truly special small lot focused farms. They support farmers that dedicate their time to the intense care that is needed to grow and process coffee with intricately developed flavor profiles that end up in your cup at home.

Try this beautiful Guatemalan coffee and watch the video below for more information about Passion House.

Passion House CoffeeGuatemala El Limonar

El Limonar is owned by Rosa Maria Ovalle and her son Rogelio Aguirre Ovalle. The two are focused on attention to detail. Rosa Maria oversees the receipt of the coffee from the pickers every day during harvest. Rogelio not only walks the farm regularly but also keeps a fluid and constructive interaction with the field workers. Only 1,600M of the farm is coffee and the rest is shade trees and native plants. They also grow Macadamia trees and have a forest.

Region: La Libertad, Huehuetenango
Farm: El Limonar
Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai, Pacamara, Marago
Elevation: 4300-6000M
Process: Washed and sun dried

Tasting Notes:
Hi: lime juice, green apple, mint
Mid: sweet corn, brown butter, pecan
Lo: caramel cream, tobacco, baker’s chocolate