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Ethiopia Kochere - Barrington Coffee


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Barrington Coffee Roasters - Barrington Ethiopia Kochere

Origin- Yirgacheffe, Ethiopian Highlands
Altitude- 5900-6500′
Varietal- Native heirloom varietals
Process- Washed, sun dried
Roast- Light

Honey and flowers, juicy clementine, bergamot.

This beautiful, washed Yirgacheffe was prepared at the Alemu Washing Station in the Mendero Mountains just to the south of Sidama. Alemu is one of several coffee preparation stations that is a part of the Kochere Coffee Cooperative, comprised of approximately 500 farmers. We are big fans of coffee from the Kochere Cooperative as the care and pride the members take in the cultivation and preparation of their coffees shows beautifully in the cup, year in and out.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. Coffee trees are native to Ethiopia and coffee grows wild throughout the countryside. Ethiopia has an incredibly broad diversity of coffee growing regions, of which Harrar, Sidama, Yirgacheffe and Djimmah are the best known. A great Yirgacheffe such as this Kochere possesses focused citrus flavors that are offset by herbal qualities. These flavors and soft impression of body evoke a coffee with pronounced tea like characteristics.

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