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Moka Java Blend - Coda Coffee


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Coda Coffee - Moka Java Blend

Notes: strawberry. baked apple. cedar.

Origin: Indonesia, Ethiopia.

Elevation: 1200-2000 meters high.

Bean Type: Heirloom, Ateng, Djember.

Process: Fully washed & natural.

Roast: Light.

One of the oldest known blends in the world, Mocha Java was primarily blended with coffees from Yemen out of the port of Mocha, and coffees from the island of Java. Coda coffee has added an evolutionary twist to this coffee. Our Moka Java is comprised of half Ethiopia Harrar (close to Yemen), and half Sumatra Aceh (close to Java). The changes add dynamic features to this coffee that makes an excellent cup.

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*Order multiple bags from the same roaster and for each additional bag we will give you $6.00 CASH BACK! The discount is applied during order processing so your card will not even be charged the extra amount.

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