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Pharos FTO Blend - Emery Coffee


Save $5.00 on each additional bag!*

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Emery Coffee - Pharos FTO House Blend

Tasting Notes: Floral and Honey Aroma, Buttery Texture, Milk Chocolate

Origins: Central America

Processes: Honey, Natural, Washed

Roast: Medium Light

Recommended for: Drip, French Press, Pour Over, Espresso

Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic

Pharos, also known as the great lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, was completed in 280 B.C. The lighthouse stood on the island of Pharos in the harbour of Alexandria and is said to have been more than 350 feet high. Built to help guide trade ships into the busy harbor, it stood for over 1500 years.

As our signature house coffee, Pharos is an approachable fair trade organic blend with notes of warm floral aroma and a smooth milk chocolate finish. Drop anchor and have a cup today!


 * Digital image from a 2006 computer reconstruction courtesy of Emad Victor SHENOUDA, Wikimedia 

*Order multiple bags from the same roaster and for each additional bag we will give you $5.00 CASH BACK! The discount is applied during order processing so your card will not even be charged the extra amount.

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