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About Alvin's of San Francisco


Alvin's Story 

Alvin is the third of four generations of master coffee roasters and tea blenders. He was taught the art of roasting by his mother who would roast gourmet coffee for the entire town back in the old country. Coffee was a way of life, not just a morning cup of muddy water. When Alvin came to San Francisco as a child in the early 60's, he was shocked to see a world where coffee was a tasteless, over-roasted commodity and not treated like a work of art. There was no "gourmet" coffee or tea, just cheap alternatives to keep people awake. After college, Alvin decided to go back to his roots, wanting to roast coffee like his mother and grandmother did all those years ago. In 1976, Alvin established Alvin's Scrumptious Coffees and Teas and began roasting and blending tea the way he remembered. He became one of the first gourmet coffee roasters in San Francisco and eventually became a staple within the city. In a city that embraced gourmet food, eclectic charm and a European atmosphere, there was a need for gourmet coffee that provided an experience that one could not get from a can of cheap coffee. The brand played a role in the transformation of the San Francisco coffee scene with its iconic Golden Gate Bridge logo and its gourmet full-bodied taste. Alvin was part of the groundwork that led to the coffee boom that hit San Francisco years later. Today Alvin still roasts coffee with the help of his wife, son and daughters and the wonderful people at Alvin's of San Francisco. Using the very same method he used in 1976, and the same method his mother and grandmother used so many years ago, Alvin's provides gourmet coffee and teas through time-honored and slow-roasting techniques that have become known as the 'Alvin's of San Francisco' experience. 


Our Gourmet Coffees 
At Alvin's of San Francisco gourmet coffees and teas are what we do best. Our coffees are micro roasted in small batches in our custom made coffee roasting system to ensure each bean gets the attention it deserves. We slow down our roasting process by about 20% so they reach their peak at just the right time. Our beans are carefully selected by our master coffee roasters for a variety of characteristics. Our coffees will never yield a bitter or burnt aftertaste, only a sweet creamy finish. Our goal is to bring the very best coffee to the world. 
Our Handcrafted Teas 
With so many varieties of tea its easy to get confused. At Alvin's we search the world to bring you the very finest tea leaves. From unique single origins to gourmet blends and seasonal limited edition teas we bring you the best in the world. Our award winning teas are masterly crafted and tested for quality. Our teas will wake your taste buds and take them on a journey with every sip. Explore herbals, blends, and seasonal selections from our select sources.