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About Case Coffee Roasters

2015 Good Food Award
2013 Good Food Award  


Coffee is fun, and so is drinking it at Case. Maybe it’s the verbal showdown of puns behind the bar. It could be the lively debate about whether the flavor notes in that new Kenyan coffee are more blood orange or Satsuma mandarin. There’s just something about having so many coffee lovers in a small space that creates good vibes. Stop on by for some superb brew and see for yourself.


Sourcing ridiculously good coffees from the best farms in the world is something we’re passionate about. We focus on buying micro-lots from producers who are getting it right. Knowing your farmer’s name and being confident you’re paying a premium for their hard work brings a human element to our business that we love. Once a new crop of green coffee is in our hands, we throw it into our 1950s hand-built Otto Swadlo roaster. After roasting, each coffee is slurped and sniffed scrupulously, ensuring its transition from green to cup maximizes all of the inherent flavor goodness.