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About Toby's Estate

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Our story started in the coffee plantations of Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia, where founder, Toby Smith learnt to grow, roast and cup coffee at the source. Over 15 years ago Toby traded in a lucrative career as a lawyer to follow his heart and venture to some of the world’s most remote regions to discover all there was to know about his first love - coffee.

While living within the communities, Toby experienced firsthand how these families had dedicated their lives, and a lot of hard manual labour to growing exquisite coffee. Inspired by what he had learnt, Toby returned home and converted his mum’s garage into a roastery and got to work mastering the art of specialty coffee roasting. 



In 2001, Toby moved out of his mum’s garage and the first Toby’s Estate Café, Espresso School and Roastery was opened in Woolloomooloo, Sydney. A loyal crowd of coffee enthusiasts soon flocked to the café and Toby’s Estate as we know it today was born.

Twelve years later, the founding intrepid spirit to push boundaries is still strong and the dedication to coffee craftsmanship & respect for the coffee growing communities continues to unite the entire Toby’s Estate team.


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