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(413) Blend - Barrington Coffee

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Barrington Coffee Roasters - (413) Blend

Origin- Americas, Southeast Asia
Producer- BCRC Farm Direct Projects
Altitude- 3800-5410’
Varietal- Catuai, S-795, Caturra & Typica
Process- Washed
Roast- Medium

Maraschino cherry, molasses, strawberry, caramelized fig, blond tobacco, malt.

Each component of this blend comes from one of our long term farm direct projects. In addition, each of the components in this blend are processed using the washed method. We roast each element individually and then combine them to broaden the dimension of the profile.

This coffee is equally suited for just about any brewing method, from Turkish to Press Pot and everything in between. That said, our primary intention with the (413) is to let it shine through the espresso machine. As an espresso it offers a focused and clean, yet supple, profile that sets this coffee somewhere in between our Barrington Gold and our #165.

Wherever you are, whatever method you choose, the (413) will never let you down.

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