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Barrington Coffee Roasters - Ethiopia Gera

Origin- Ethiopia
Region- Djimma
Producer- Gera Estate
Altitude- 6168 – 7152’
Variety- Native heirloom
Process- Natural, sun dried on raised beds
Roast- Light

Our Gera has the proud honor of having received a Good Food Finalist Award for 2020!

Delicate violet and blueberry aromas with fruit flavors of strawberry, peach and hard candy and soft tones of cocoa, molasses and licorice root. Wonderfully sweet.

The Gera Estate is located in the Djimma region of Ethiopia. Some parts of the farm reach an altitude of over 7000’. This lot is their highest grade, Grade 1, which is a rarity among Ethiopian processing lots that make it to our shore.

The environmental practices at Gera focus on sustainability and no herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers were used in the production of this coffee. The social welfare programs at the farm support both the staff and their families through providing housing, childcare, education, electricity, healthcare and recreational facilities for all. Their composting program, their companion planting of nitrogen fixing plants and the farms’ particularly high altitude makes for an ideal environment for stellar coffee production.

After repose, we seal this coffee in Grain-Pro barrier packaging in Burundi and then send on its way to our Roastery where we preserve the green coffee under hermetic seal until it is roasted as part of our Barrington Green Seal Program.  

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*Order multiple bags from the same roaster and for each additional bag we will give you $6.00 CASH BACK! The discount is applied during order processing so your card will not even be charged the extra amount.

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