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Barrington Coffee Roasters - India Kalle Peaberry

Origin- India
Region- Karnataka
Locality-Baba Budangiri
Producer- Shankar Family
Altitude- 3800-4400′
Varietal- S-795
Process- Washed, sun dried on patio and raised beds
Roast- Medium

Flavors of grape jelly, malt and Baker’s chocolate are adorned by focused flavors of peanut, caraway and the delicate sweetness of buckwheat honey. This coffee shines in the press pot as well as a single origin, single variety espresso.

The Kalledevarapura Peaberry is from the same trees that produce our Kalledevarapura, but it has a more piquant, focused cup. The visual difference between the two is even more striking. A peaberry is a morphological development in which a single seed forms within a coffee cherry. Many Coffea arabica varieties display this formation and peaberries grow alongside paired flat berries on the same branch, though they typically constitute only a small percentage of seeds that form on a tree. This peaberry has been meticulously hand-sorted from all of the other flat formed seeds. Their sorting contributes to the slightly more focused cup profile.

This coffee is grown in the Western Ghat mountains by D.M. Shankar who owns and stewards this land. His complex approach to poly-culture farming includes providing a dense shade canopy of silver oak, jack fruit and fig with companion planting in the understory of vanilla, cardamom, and pepper vines. The orchard is home to a broad diversity of fauna including Jungle Pigeon, owl, deer, fox and wild boar.

The farm dates back to 1865 when it was first established by the British. In 1950, the farm changed hands to Shankar and, in turn, has undergone several changes regarding the coffee varieties planted there. The Kent S795 variety is now the primary cultivar. S795 was created in the 1940’s by crossing two older Indian varieties, Kent and S288. 

This coffee has been shade grown in a polyculture, forest farm environment without the use of pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers.

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