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Barrington Coffee Roasters - Kenya Kigutha 

Origin- Kenya
Region- Kiambu
Locality- Aberdare Mountains
Producer- Kigutha Estate
Altitude- 5577’
Variety- SL28, Bourbon, Ruiru-11
Process- Washed, sun dried on raised beds
Roast- Light

Herbal qualities of lemon balm and geranium with cabernet sauvignon like structure, lively acidity and saturated black currant flavor. Finishes dry and clean.

Kigutha Estate is a 43 member co-op in the Aberdare mountains just north of Nairobi. The farm was established in 1919 and is currently managed by Tropical Farm Management. The farm is just over 300 acres in total with just under 250 acres being devoted to coffee cultivation. Through their environmental conservation efforts in 2010, the farm have garnered certification from the Rainforest Alliance. Their efforts include water conservation including building a dam which has created much needed habitat for the native hippopotamus, shade tree cultivation fostering avian habitat and a strong reliance on a local, mixed gender community workforce.

The Kigutha is, once again, our top pick Kenya micro lot this year. Its classic acidity forward profile highlights cassis flavors we attribute to the farms steadfast cultivation of traditional coffee varieties. These varieties require more careful cultivation and are relatively low yielding, yet when the harvest is right, they can express these most rare of aromas and flavors. This classic Kenyan cup performs beautifully with all drip brewing methods. 

After repose, we hermetically seal this coffee in Grain-Pro barrier packaging in Kenya and then send on its way to our Roastery where we preserve the green coffee under seal until it is roasted as part of our Barrington Green Seal Program. 

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