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Barrington Coffee Roasters - Tanzania Sambewe

Origin- Tanzania
Region- Mbozi
Locality- Songwe
Producer- Sambewe Agriculture Marketing Cooperative and Society (AMCOS)
Altitude- 5249-5906’
Variety- Bourbon & Kent (S795)
Process- Washed, sun dried on raised beds
Roast- Light

Saturated bergamot tea aroma with flavors of chocolate covered black cherry, currant zesty pink peppercorn, sweet red bell pepper, lime and vanilla with herbal qualities of mint and mallow. Creamy, chewy and very approachable.

The Sambewe Agriculture Marketing Cooperative and Society (AMCOS) is comprised of a group of 344 farmers from Sambewe, Lungwa, Nansama and Mandelewo. They formed their Cooperative in 2007 and produced only pulped natural coffee at the time as they had no coffee pulper. In 2013, the Mbozi District Council granted them a pulper and they then began to prepare fully washed coffee.

After picking, sorting and pulping, the beans are separated according to size in washing channels. They are fermented for up to 36 hours in the channels and then fully washed. After washing the beans are soaked for an additional 8-12 hours before being sun dried on raised beds for up to two weeks.

The coffee varieties cultivated at Sambewe are Bourbon and Kent (Selection-795). The Kent variety is a favorite of ours that hails from the Balehonnur Coffee Research Station in India and was brought to Tanzania. This particular processing lot displays a wonderful balance of zesty, fruity flavors from the Bourbon and savory, spicy tones of the Kent.

After repose, we seal this coffee in Ecotact barrier packaging in Tanzania and then send it on its way to our Roastery where we preserve the green coffee under hermetic seal until it is roasted as part of our Barrington Green Seal Program.  

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