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Phoenix Blend - Beansmith Coffee

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Beansmith Coffee - Phoenix Blend

"Bold" is not a code word for "Burnt".

Let's face it- there is a lot of burnt coffee out there masquerading as "French Roast", but Beansmith's Phoenix French Roast Blend is proof that the darkest roasted beans can still taste like coffee.

We've sought out the finest coffees we could find that can withstand the high temperatures of a French roast profile, and emerge from the flames a bold and beautiful new creation.

We are proud to present Phoenix French Roast Blend.

Our Signature Blends exist for one sole purpose – sustainability.  We are a seasonal roaster, which means we offer the finest coffees we can acquire from each particular harvest season. Though we often carry beans from familiar countries of origin, the specific origins from within those countries change with each season, as do the flavors of the coffees themselves.

We have developed our signature blends to showcase specific flavor profiles drawn out by different roasting techniques, in order to offer consistent, non-seasonal choices to our coffee shops and retail customers year round.  Focusing on flavor rather than origin guarantees that the coffees we use for blending are seasonally fresh and of the highest quality, and while the origins may change, the core attributes of the blend stay intact.  

With options from bright and fruity to smoky and brooding, there’s sure to be a Beansmith Signature Blend that feels as familiar as an old friend.

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