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Hawaiian Ka'u Morning Glory - Big Island Coffee

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Big Island Coffee - Hawaiian Ka'u Morning Glory

The quintessential Ka'u coffee: buttery, decadent and sweet.

Tasting notes: Pecan, caramel, and butter with juicy elements of apricot, orange, and vanilla; a long, sweet finish.

Origin: Ka’u District, Big Island
Varietal: typica, caturra
Processing: washed

Roast: medium
Perfect for: lovers of juicy, sweet coffees; equally delicious with cream or without; pour-over, cold-brew, french press.


Each year our goal with Ka'u Morning Glory is to find the best representation Ka'u coffee among the growers in that region. This year we've cupped roughly a dozen lots from several different farms and micro-climates covering the three primary growing areas within Ka'u: Cloud's Rest, Wood Valley, and Pear Tree. 

And among those we've selected and blended our two favorite babied lots; one from Wood Valley and the other from Cloud's Rest. While their strengths are different, they compliment each other nicely: bright, long and juicy fruit tones meet with a medium-full body and savory-sweet depth. Together they share a long, candied sweet finish, which coats the teeth and sides of the tongue. 

Both farmers are excellent and attentive - getting regular soil analysis' and transitioning to no-spray. One farmer had been selling his coffee cherry to a local mill, but gave it up due to instability in the cherry market. For the awesome attention he pays to maintaining a healthy farm and perfecting his harvesting practices, it was a shame his coffee was blended with less-attentive lots. So we are very happy to purchase his coffees and advise him when needed. 

We think you'll love our 2017 Ka'u Morning Glory! The combination of terroirs, ripe-red harvesting and skillful washed processing makes this delicious, buttery-sweet Ka'u coffee an absolute knockout.

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