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Hawaiian Maui Mokka - Big Island Coffee

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Big Island Coffee - Hawaiian Maui Mokka

With Maui Mokka, you’ll be getting cozy with the heirloom varietal that gave Maui coffee its notoriety... and became Hawaii's best coffee beans in 2014. 


Tasting notes: chocolate, brown sugar, and the aroma of baking cookies. Soft, round, and full-bodied.

Origin: Ka'anapali, Maui Coffee
Farm: Maui Grown
Varietal: Maui Mokka® 

Roast: Full City (Medium Dark)
Perfect for: single-origin espresso, drip, those with preference for low-acid coffees


Mokka is a Maui coffee incredibly well-suited to it's trademarked name: Maui Mokka®. And with these small, elegant beans, you’ll be getting cozy with the 1,000 year-old heirloom strain that gave Maui coffee its notoriety. 

It's sometimes assumed that a larger bean size will augment cup quality - the bigger the bean, the better the quality. We haven't found this to be the true. In fact, Mokka is the contrarian of the coffee world: these tiny beans captured the coveted first place in the 2014 Hawaii Cupping Competition, becoming the best coffee beans among Hawaii's commercial division entrants. 

Not all is rosy about this variety though. Because the beans are so small, it’s very difficult and time-consuming to harvest by hand. It also has the habit of alternate bearing, meaning it may ripen at very different times year to year. Yields are also typically light. So, why grow it? Simple: it’s both elegant and delicious. A soft, round, full-bodied cup with varying layers of chocolate (cocoa, milk and dark) and brown sugar.

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