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Kona Bloom - Big Island Coffee

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Big Island Coffee - Kona Bloom

Tasting notes: Honey-butter, toffee, nougat, graham, cacao, stone fruit. Light and syrupy mouthfeel. 

Origin: Kona District, Big Island
Farm: Hualalai, Hawaii
Varietal: typica, Progeny 502
Processing: washed

Roast: medium



Famed for its spectacular climate, gorgeous beaches, golden sunsets and -  yes - exceptional coffee, Kona needs no introduction. This lot is fresh crop, meaning it was harvested just a short while ago, now it's fresh out of the parchment, bright with native flavors and ready to roast. It's crisp with flavors of peach and toffee, rich with honey butter, nougat, and cacao, lifted by floral aromatics and supported by a syrupy mouthfeel. 

On the left side of the third green bean photo is Extra Fancy Kona coffee, meaning it's the largest bean-size (grade) available for purchase in Kona - a mere 10-20% of the total crop. 

While these "XL" beans don't objectively taste better than their smaller beans counterparts - not any more than large apples taste better than small apples - they do taste different: often smooth, soft, lush and round in comparison to their compact, usually intensified, small bean counterparts. And not that you want to stare at your coffee beans, but they're impressive to look at too... 
If you like smooth, lush, easy-going coffees, fresh peaches and toffee, pour-over or drip, we think you'll love drinking our fresh crop Kona Bloom too.

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