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Peru Nelson Mejia - Kickapoo Coffee

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Kickapoo Coffee - Peru Nelson Mejia

Notes of Chocolate, Floral & Nectarine

A sweet milk chocolate base with delicate florality and a subtle stone fruit finish.

Altitude: 1850 meters
Varietals: Caturra, Pache & Catuai
Process: 24 hour Dry Fermentation, Washed, 15 Day Drying on Raised Beds
Harvest: April 2016 - October 2016
Region: Nueva Esperanza, Chirinos

For nearly a decade, we've been traveling to Peru, meeting farmers and tasting coffees to identify the country's best growing regions. Over the years, we've honed in on the mountainous region of Huabal, in the Cajamarca region of northern Peru and have partnered closely with communities and individual farmers from that area.

This year, in addition to purchasing coffee from the farming communities of Huabal, we explored another high quality growing region: Chirinos. Here Finca Churupampa, a farmers assocation that emcompasses more than 30 small family farms, has been intently focused on improving quality coffee since 2012. They do this by providing valuable technical assistance to members, educating growers on farm management, soil health, innovative coffee processing and more.

While many coffee growing communities have experienced an egress of the younger generation to bigger cities, Churupampa has held on to many of its younger members. Rather than abandoning coffee farming for the promise of financial opportunity in the city, many young people at Churupampa are looking to the future by investing in coffee quality on their farms, planting high quality varities, selectively picking coffee cherries during harvest and building the capacity to more thoughtfully process cherries once they're picked.

In September of 2016, we visited Churupampa to taste their coffees and learn more about their organization. We were struck by the coffee from one particular member, Nelson Mejia. Perched at 1850m, Nelson Mejia's farm "La Guava" overlooks the rest of the Chirinos area. There Caturra, Pache and Catuai varieties grow to perfect ripeness and are processed soon after harvest. This coffee is slowly dried on raised beds, preserving the coffees vibrance and improving its longevity.

We're excited to start working in Chirinos and to offer Nelson Mejia's coffee as a shining example of coffee from this area.

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