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Decaf FTO House Espresso - Klatch Coffee

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Klatch Coffee - Decaf FTO Klatch House Espresso

When you have a numerous of exceptional fair trade coffees at your finger tips, you cannot help yourself with the possibilities in creating a delicious espresso. FTO Klatch House is a remarkable blend of Indonesian, African, Central and South American coffees. 

This espresso is extremely rich, possibly the richest of all espressos. Ranging with great notes of deep cinnamon and a wealth of nut, wrapped in a luscious rich creamy body. All fair trade components wed together to create a fine espresso to be served on its own but still have a great depth to be harmonized with milk. 

Featured as the best Fair Trade Organic Espresso by Women's Journal.

DOSE: 20 grams [ double ]
TEMPERATURE: 200 degrees
TIME: 24 - 26 seconds
VOLUME: 1.7 - 2.0 oz

REGION: Global
FARM: Various
FARMER: Various
ROAST: Medium
NOTES: Honored by Woman's Journal

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