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Metropolis Coffee - Colombia El Gigante

NOTES: Dried Apricot, Nougat, Sherry
ROAST: Medium Light

FARM El Gigante
TOWN/REGION La Plata, Huila
OWNER Manuel Saniceto
PROCESSING Washed, Dried on Parabolic Beds
VARIETAL Caturra, Colombia
ALTITUDE 1978 masl

This coffee comes to us from a farm near the town of La Plata in Huila, Colombia. The town is located at a relatively low altitude (around 1000 meters) but if you travel up into the steep mountains that surround it you’ll find high quality coffee on farms as high as 2000 meters. This is where Manuel Saniceto, originally a cattle rancher, purchased a 2-hectare plot of land back in the 1990s. His small farm (ironically named “The Giant”) currently has over 10,000 coffee trees that he tends to with the help of his 7 sons and daughters. Manuel was one of about 20 producers in the region who recently broke of from a larger cooperative to form their own organization (called Aprocoagrosh) that focuses on quality initiatives and micro-lot separation for producers. Manuel’s coffee is all hand-picked, sorted, pulped and fermented for 24 hours before being dried on parabolic drying beds which allow for consistent air flow while protecting the coffee from rain and mist while it dries.

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