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Maui Mokka Peaberry - Rusty's Hawaiian Coffee

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Rusty's Hawaiian Coffee - Maui Mokka Peaberry

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After years of crafting award-winning Ka‘u beans, we wanted to celebrate exceptional coffees from other Hawaiian regions. Maui Mokka Peaberry fits us perfectly for several reasons.

First, the beans are just so cute. Mokka has the smallest beans of any Coffea arabica cultivar; its peaberries are about the size of lentils. (In the photo, compare the Mokka peaberries on the right with the Typica beans on the left.)

Second, this coffee is unusual. Because Mokka is difficult to harvest, few farmers produce it. Maui is the only origin we know of that grows Mokka on a commercial scale -- and at only 2% of the total crop, these peaberries are the rarest of those beans.

Third, we love the challenge of coaxing flavor from this natural-dried coffee. Mokka's size and density makes it tricky to roast, so we were delighted to earn 95 points in Coffee Review. It's the highest score this publication has awarded to a Maui coffee.

From Coffee Review:
“Striking, original profile. Rich, rose-like flowers, blackberry, candied citrus, dark chocolate in aroma and cup. Soft, finely balanced acidity; very smooth, silky mouthfeel. Flavor saturates a crisply sweet, resonant finish.”

We thank Isla Custom Coffees, our sister company, for developing this coffee for Rusty's Hawaiian. As a sourcer and developer for importers, roasters and cafes, Isla works with coffees throughout the islands -- and recommends to us remarkable Hawaiian green beans.

Awards and Recognitions: 95 points in Coffee Review, June 2012

Taste: Rose-like flowers, blackberry, candied citrus, dark chocolate

Roast: Medium

Varieties and Processing Methods: Mokka, dried on the tree and in mechanical dryers

Altitude: Ka‘anapali, Maui; 400-600 feet (122-183 meters)

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