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Flatiron Espresso Blend - Toby's Estate

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Toby's Estate Coffee Roasters - Flatiron Espresso Blend

Our Flatiron espresso is blended to remind you of something grand – It is as sweet and balanced as it is complex. Time will stop when drinking this beverage – something to cherish in this fast paced cityscape.

This coffee opens with a date-like fruit tone that complements notes of baker’s chocolate, and finishes with a peanut brittle snap.

This seasonal coffee is roasted for espresso and performs well as a stand alone shot, while adding milk serves to enhance its sweetness and rich chocolate flavors.

We created this blend specially for our Flatiron Espresso Bar.

“With notes of peanut brittle and molasses, this blend produces an incredible shot of espresso that is both sweet and balanced with a delicious syrupy body.”

-Giselle Dominguez, Flatiron Retail Manager


Molasses, peanut brittle and dates


Brazil and Colombia




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