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Brazil Carmo de Minas José Vitor Bernardes - Victrola Coffee

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Victrola Coffee - Brazil Carmo de Minas José Vitor Bernardes

Tasting Notes:

Fragrance/Aroma: Molasses Cookie, Clove, Honey Raspberry

Flavor:  Dark Chocolate, Raspberry, Cherry, Hibiscus,

Body: Round and Full

Finish: Clean with a delicate, lingering fruitiness

Acidity: Pleasantly tart and floral

Roaster’s Notes:

In September of 2016 we sent Ethan, one of our cuppers and licensed Q-graders, down to Brazil serve as one of the judges of the 3rd annual Best of Mantiqueria de Minas competition in Mantiqueria de Minas, Brazil. Be sure to check out his blog post here for more on his incredible journey. Though this exceptional lot from José Vitor Bernardes took 2nd place overall in the competition, Ethan consistently his scored it as his favorite coffee among the 120 that he tasted during the competition. The rest of the Victrola crew got the chance to taste the coffees stateside a few months later when these award-winning coffees were auctioned by our good friends at JC Coffee Importers. There were many exceptional coffees at the cupping, but when it was all said and done we all seemed to agree that this lot was our favorite. It was highly unlikely that we were the only ones interested in this coffee so when it was auctioned off we made it our mission to win this lot and not get outbid. Well win it we did, and we’re super-stoked to be able to share it with you!

This natural-process lot is 100% the rare Acaiá variety, which is found only in Brazil. Ethan unfortunately didn’t get a chance to visit Fazenda Engenho during his trip, but he did have the pleasure of meeting Sr. Bernardes at the award ceremony on the last day of his visit. We definitely hope to visit the Fazenda next time we are in the area; as we look to continue what seems to be the beginning of a very exciting relationship!

The dry grounds greet your nose with molasses cookie and clove, followed by wet aromatics of honey and floral raspberry.  Tones of dark chocolate tones dominate the first few sips, and are carried by a richly round and full body.  As the coffee cools, the dark chocolate is complimented by a lovely raspberry fruitiness a clean, slightly tart and floral acidity. The finish is soft and supple.  The remarkable structure of this coffee tells a story of expertise at origin. This is a beautifully processed coffee and well deserving of it’s high placement in the Mantiqueira de Minas competition.


Producer: José Vitor Bernardes

Farm: Fazenda Engenho

Town: Carmo de Minas

Region: Mantiqueria de Minas

Altitude: 1100 MASL

Process: Natural

Varietals: Acaiá

Dry Mill: Cocarive

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