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Burundi Kayanza Kirema - Victrola Coffee


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Victrola Coffee - Burundi Kayanza Kirema

Tasting Notes:
Fragrance/Aroma: Raw honey, Brown sugar, Apricot, Lemongrass, Tangerine  
Flavor: Honey, Lemon curd, White grape
Body: Lush
Finish: Slightly Floral and Lingering
Acidity: Soft and Balanced

Coffee Story:
This coffee came to us through a collaboration between JNP Coffee, founded in 2012 by our dear friend Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian, and the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Burundi Chapter.

The women of Kirema pick coffee cherries in the morning and deliver to the washing station in the afternoon and evening.  These deliveries are processed daily and the coffee is pulped and either single or double fermented for 18 to 24 hours. The parchment coffee if then pre-died under shade, and then dried on African raised beds for 28-30 days.  The result of this meticulous care is a bright, clean cup, full of fruit and sweetness. We are so pleased to share this coffee with you.

Notes from the Cupping Table:
The first thing that really jumped out to us on the cupping table were tangerine aromatics that emerged when we poured water over the grounds.  This, coupled with the honey sweetness that was evident as soon as the coffee was ground, had us really stoked. In addition to the sweetness and tangerine aromatics, this coffee displays a lovely floral quality akin to lemongrass, lemon curd, and as the coffee cools--white grape.

This is a soft, clean, bright coffee with a lovely floral fruitiness and and underlying sweetness.

Province: Kayanza 
Washing Station: Kirema
Elevation: 1750-1900 MASL
Average Producer Farm Size: 25-50 trees per farmer
Process: Fully Washed
Varietals: Bourbon
Producer: Women Farmer’s - IWCA Burundi Members

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