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Yemen Zammarud Al-Yemen - Victrola Coffee

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Victrola Coffee - Yemen Zammarud Al-Yemen

Tasting Notes:

Fragrance/Aroma: Papaya, Red Wine, Fragrant Wood, Melon

Flavor: Papaya, Cream, Fragrant Wood

Body: Syrupy

Finish: Dry and Lingering

Acidity: Mellow

Roaster’s Notes:

Yemen is one of the oldest coffee origins in the world, and Yemeni coffee has been among the world’s most prized and renowned coffees for hundreds of years. Despite that renown, the people of Yemen are enduring some very difficult times. Since 2015, Yemen has been in a war between two factions both claiming to be the controlling government. Civilian areas have suffered widespread bombing campaigns, and over three million civilians have been displaced. This is on top of the fact that Yemen has suffered through one of the world’s most severe water shortages for decades. Despite these harrowing facts, the coffee industry is alive and active in Yemen, and Yemeni farmers and producers remain committed to producing and exporting excellent coffee. Yemen is a truly special place for coffee. Yemeni coffee is genetically unlike coffee found elsewhere in the world. The plants have adapted to their environment to be extremely hardy, and require very little water to survive.

This very special lot was assembled by our friends at Rayyan Mill in the Capital city of Sana’a, with the legendary Yemen flavor profile in mind. This coffee had to be transported through the front-lines of the ongoing war, and was moved around constantly to avoid being destroyed by the airstrikes taking place in the area. It’s not often that we feature a coffee that our suppliers literally risked life and limb to get to us. Suffice it to say that the dedication to on the part of the producers and exporters to deliver a product of such exceptional quality is truly astounding.

The aroma is a complex array of papaya, melon, red wine, cream and fragrant wood. Similar flavors weave together in the cup, creating a complex tapestry of sweet and savory. This complexity is complemented beautifully by a lush, syrupy mouthfeel and a dry, lingering finish. Zamarrud Al-Yemen means “the emeralds of Yemen” and is composed of high-quality lots from several growing regions that are blended to create this complex and distinctive coffee. Its story is certainly told in the cup--an intertwining of fruit, spice and savoriness that could only come from one place.


Town: Numerous Small Communities

Region: Various

Elevation: 1,500 - 2,000 MASL

Process: Natural

Varietals: Mixed Heirloom

Producer: Rayyan Mill

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